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10 Weight Impacting Questions

  • Do I feel stressed?
    Some people eat more when they are stressed, often unknowingly. Released stress hormones during times of stress can contribute to weight gain.
  • Am I eating for comfort and therefore more than I think?
    Observe yourself whether you want to eat to satisfy yourself emotionally or feel real physical hunger. Emotional hunger often doesn’t last long and can be overcome by making it a habit to distract yourself through activities. Also, keeping a food diary has proven to increase the success of weight loss.
  • Do I get enough deep regular sleep?
    Sleep disorders can have an affect on your weight.
  • Do I get enough physical activity?
    Most people sit in the car, walk the shortest distance between the car and buildings, sit at work, and sit at home. Use a pedometer to track your steps and look for opportunities to gradually increase the amount of physical activities during the day. There are plentiful opportunities to walk more during the day.
  • Am I insulin resistant?
    Insulin resistance is an inability to process sugar in your body. All carbohydrates break down into sugar and need to be dealt with in the body. Lack of physical activity causes the cells to be less responsive to insulin. Most experts agree that insulin resistance promotes weight gain.
  • Do I know my current weight?
    It’s easy to gain weight when you don’t weigh yourself often enough. Weigh yourself ideally consistently in the Morning, at the same day and time, at least once a week.
  • Do I have a medical condition that affects my metabolism or prevents me from exercising?
    Do I have a sluggish thyroid gland? A sluggish thyroid gland is relatively common for people with diabetes. You may want to check with your health care provider.
  • Do I have a low blood glucose level?
    Having regularly a low blood glucose level might increase the likelihood of overeating. You may want to check with your health care provider.
  • Am I taking medications that affect my weight?
    Antidepressants, high blood pressure medicine, medicines containing steroids, among other medications may contribute to weight gain. You may want to check with your health care provider.
    Am I taking a medicine that is causing weight gain? You may want to check with your health care provider.
  • Are hormonal changes affecting my weight?
    When we get older we have hormonal changes which may affect our weight.