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Weight Loss

You may have been feeling confident about watching your portion sizes and try to stick to foods that are considered as being healthy, yet you’re not losing weight, and might even have been gaining weight. You may have tried diet programs from “go fat free” to “add more protein and fat and less carbohydrates” and still not get the results you expected.

We work with you closely by addressing your old eating habits and support you in designing a new eating lifestyle. Our individualized program allows for using your own healthy foods. Our delicious meal plans are designed for a quick start to …

  • Burn fat instead of muscle for healthier weight loss.
  • Support your natural metabolism for quicker weight loss
  • Reduce your hunger between meals and avoid “snacking temptations”
  • Maintain the energy you need for daily physical activities
  • Convenient portion-controlled nutrition

Our menu plans may support you in making new healthier eating choices. Your weight management specialist will provide professional guidance in determining the right weight loss plan for you.

We are located in Pismo Beach CA. For more information please call: 805 773 8100

What we eat and drink becomes part of us.

Lasting success in weight loss requires a lifestyle change to healthier food. Often our bodies starve for lack of nutrition and we stay hungry while we are consuming plenty of food low in nutrients and high in calories.
We all have a unique body and require different nutritional solutions. At TorChell Mind & Body we provide a custom made meal plan that helps you to loose weight and stay healthy.

An essential factor plays our life long conditioning to mainstream eating habits. We have learned to love foods that are very high in sugar, sodium, or fat. Did you know that the typical movie theater popcorn and soda drink have very high quantities of saturated fat and sodium and the calories can easily range between 1000 – 1700 calories? Of course, the better question is “why do we need to eat when we watch a movie”?

Are you ready to take care of your health and switch to healthier food? Do you want to learn about “good foods”, the consequences of “bad foods” and what nutrients your body needs? We are here to help.

Our bodies do best with a diet of fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains and lean proteins, while eating at regular intervals during the course of the day. You don’t need to give up your chocolate ice cream, as long as you eat in moderation and in balance with Mother-Nature’s nutritional fresh wholesome foods. When we eat as we are designed to eat, not only do we regain a healthier body, but also often naturally lose weight and feel better.

There are plenty of claims about the health of foods by the media, so if you are overwhelmed and don’t quite know what to believe and are unsure how to eat best, you are not alone. TorChell Mind & Body offers nutrition counseling to learn nutritionally healthy eating habits and how to shop and prepare food with the least possible effort as part of a holistic lifestyle.

We are located at the Medical Center in Pismo Beach California. Call us at 805 773 8100